3D Printing @ your library

The library has an Ultimaker 3 3D printer available to create three-dimensional objects in plastic. It builds up an object one layer at a time which allows it to create any shape. The library utilizes PLA (Polylactic Acid) for our 3D printing filament. PLA is bioplastic derived from fermented plants. 

Request your own 3D printed object

The library can print an object for you with the 3D printer. What you need to know before requesting a print:

  • Any printing request must adhere to the library’s 3D Printing Policy (https://www.library.strathamnh.gov/sites/strathamlibrary/files/uploads/3dprinterpolicy1.pdf)
  • There is a small charge for materials. The rate is $0.10/gram of materials with a $2.00 minimum charge.
  • If printing is unsuccessful due to a design flaw charges will still apply.
  • Print requests must be submitted via the library’s 3D printer request form (https://forms.gle/rVUurRPrZg1d1McL9). The required file type is .stl 
  • The maximum acceptable time for any print job on the library’s printer is 8 hours.
  • Only designated Library staff will have hands-on access to the 3D printer
  • Library staff will schedule print requests on a first come, first served basis, with priority being given to requests by Wiggin Memorial Library card holder.

3D Design Resources