General Computer Use: Guides & Tutorials

Get help at the library! We offer one-on-one time to ask questions, get accounts set up for library digital resources, and other tech help needs. Look at our events calendar to find upcoming drop-in times or fill out our request for tech help appointment form. You can also call the library (772-4346) to set up a time or just drop in at your convenience. If someone isn't available to help right then, we can set up a time when someone will be.

Teaches you how to use the most popular websites on the Internet like Facebook, GoodReads, YouTube, Amazon, Netflix, Gmail, Craigslist, and many more. Free tutorial articles and videos. Techboomers also has how-to info on library resources like Hoopla and OverDrive.

Goodwill Free Technology Tutorials

Windows 10, Computer Basics, mouse basics, email, internet safety, social media, iPads and more!

Digital -- Video Tutorials

Topics: Getting started on the computer, Using a PC (Windows 7), Using a Mac (OS X), Basic internet search, Navigating a website, Intro to email

Make Use Of Guides

Brief guides to using technology. Topics are wide-ranging like setting up "smart home" devices, online & privacy settings, Excel vs. Access, managing Gmail accounts on your smartphone, eBooks, and thousands more.

Set Up a Gmail Account (

Teach Parents Tech

These brief videos can be sent to a parent or anyone you know who could use a little help with some basic computer or internet tasks -- even yourself! You set up a humorous email, choose which video topics you want to send, and then enter an email address to send them to (again, this can be yourself). The videos are nice and short and very helpful. Some of them are very geared to Mac users, but for the most part you will be able to learn easily no matter what type of computer you are using.


A program to practice using a computer mouse – from moving the cursor around the screen to clicking and double-clicking.

Acton Memorial Library's Technology Tutorials Page

Lots of links to tutorials for software like Microsoft Excel, using the Internet, or Facebook.
*Please note that some links on this page are for services subscribed to by the Acton Memorial Library and so not available to the general public.

Windows 10 Troubleshooting Guide by Solvusoft

15 "chapters" from installation to e-mail to photos to cloud storage.