Good Karma Lane

Volunteer Information

We couldn't get by without our volunteers! They are all getting loads of "good karma" points and gold stars. Volunteers have helped us box up books, move furniture, stuff envelopes, and more! For that, they will forever have a spot here, on "Good Karma Lane."

Many Thanks!

Volunteer Projects

To volunteer for projects listed below, contact the library at (603) 772-4346 or by email. To put your name on a general volunteer list, fill out our volunteer information form online or at the library.

  • No current projects. 

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Renovation Volunteer Hall of Fame

  • Lee Beauregard
  • Kathy Bower
  • Peter Cary
  • Andra Copeland
  • Bruce Cotter
  • Ralph Danko
  • Mark DeCarteret
  • Carol Gulla
  • Nancy Hunter
  • Tim Hunter
  • Diane Kelley
  • Bruno Marbacher
  • Vicki Marbacher
  • Bee Newman
  • Murray Segal
  • Carol Sestito
  • Dree Sherry
  • Adam Shlager
  • Phil Wilson
  • Coach Ball & the Exeter Blue Hawks Football Team

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