Pickup service

Hooray!   It's time to pick up materials at the library!!  

Bag of booksThe weather can't stop reading pickups! It's getting chillier - and windier - and we all know what comes next. 

No matter what the weather, picking up books and more in a contactless way is still an option. After we call you to let you know your items are ready, you'll be able to pick up inside of the library's entryway. 

Even better? You'll have more times and days available for pickup. Contactless and convenient. 


(step-by-step visual instructions on how to place holds here)

1. Login to your account with your library card number and password*.
          *the default password is the last four digits of your card number.

2. Search for the item you want to borrow.

3. Click "place hold" below the item (make sure it's the format you want - audiobook? book? DVD?).

4. Once we have your holds ready, we will call you with the pick-up time. 

5. Come anytime during the hours of hallway pickup (Mon-Wed, 10 am-6 pm; Thurs & Fri, 10 am-2 pm).

REMEMBER - wear your mask and respect 6-foot distancing. 

6. When you arrive at the library, come inside the entryway. Your requested items will be on shelves on the right, in paper bags, labeled with your last name. The items are already checked out to you!
     **PREFER NOT TO ENTER? NEED ASSISTANCE for any reason? Ring our doorbell and we'll bring your items out to you!

REMEMBER - wait until the hallway is empty before entering.

7. Grab your bag and leave using the marked "exit" path. Maintain 6-foot social distancing whenever others are present.

NOTE - The library remains closed to the public except by appointment, so do not try to use the inner door. 


Where and when can I return my items?
You may return items anytime in the entryway book drop (in the wall). 

Where and when can I bring book donations?
Please do not bring any donations to the library! We can't accept them and will need to throw them away.
I returned things I had - why do they still show as checked out to my account?
We're quarantining all returned items for at least 72 hours. Between that and limited staffing levels, items may still be showing as checked out on your card after you have returned them. We’ll catch up, we promise!
Should I clean off the books and other things before returning them?
Thanks for asking! There's no need to do that (unless you have gotten maple syrup on the plastic dust jacket). We are taking steps to ensure that items will be handled in order to make them safe before they get checked out to someone else. 

Don't forget - all of the awesome digital collections and services that you've been using are still available and getting better all the time. We encourage you to keep using these services as well as curbside pick-up!

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