Helpful Information

  • Safe Driving Resources for Teens: Also has links to how to maintain your car, buying insurance, checking your oil and more.
  • Shmoop DMV Guide for NH
  • How to Research: Check out these research steps put together by a high school librarian. This guide will help you do the best research for your project.
  • Business Degree Scholarship Info: Thinking about pursuing a degree in business? This site has information about available scholarships and much more. 
  • EduTrek: This free site gives you college profiles searchable by state, degree, and subject. The database includes every American school, including trade and technical schools and certification programs. Schools can pay for featured positions on the site, but schools do not have to pay to be included.
  • College Students Study Guide: This guide from Affordable Colleges Online includes time management suggestions, tips on taking and formatting notes, and exposes students to additional study resources available.