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We want to know which titles you want us to add as "Stratham Only" titles in OverDrive. Fill out our Purchase Suggestion Form and select "eBook" as the format.

Go to OverDrive & login to see availability on Stratham "Advantage" titles.

Do you use the NOOK Color, NOOK Tablet, NOOK HD, or NOOK HD+?

Now you can download eBooks from OverDrive without your computer - directly to your device!

Downloading Audiobooks & eBooks is easy once it is set up. Ready to get started? Follow the information below and you'll be on your way... (Remember, we are here to help! Stop by, call, or email us with questions.)

Tech Help

Bring your e-reader and laptop (or just your e-reader) to the library and we'll help you get started or figure out an error. Drop by, call to see if someone is available (603-772-4346), or make an appointment (email) to set up a time that works for you.

Go to Audiobook instructions.

Downloading eBooks with OverDrive

Click here to visit the OverDrive website.

A collection of eBooks is available for download through the NH Downloadable Books Consortium which uses the company OverDrive. A group of libraries in NH (including Stratham) pays an annual fee for access to the collection of eBooks. The whole collection is shared between all of the libraries who belong to the group.  

How It Works:

  • 1 person can have an eBook "checked out" at a time. There may be many "copies" of very popular titles.
  • You can get on a waiting list for any title that is "checked out" and you will get an email when it is your turn to download the title.
  • Titles "check out" for 14 days -- after that you will no longer be able to access the book (the license will expire).
  • You can have up to 3 titles checked out at one time.
  • You can return eBooks early.

Getting Started with eBooks

Compatible Devices: What You Can Use to Read eBooks from OverDrive

More Information

OverDrive Advantage -- Stratham-Only Titles

(View list.)

We also buy additional downloadable eBooks that are only available to those with a Wiggin Memorial Library card. These are referred to as advantage titles.

To see availability of advantage titles, be sure to sign in to your account as soon as you arrive at the NH Downloadable Books site.  

Then look for the advantage logo in the search results, that's how you know that we have bought extra copies just for our patrons.

To browse advantage titles that we own, log in using your library card, then go to Advanced Search, choose the format you need and check off "only show titles with copies available." One you have the list of results, sort it by "Most Popular" and most of the top titles will be advantage titles that we own. Or, check our list.

Also look for Open EPub and Open PDF titles. These are titles that are DRM-Free which means that there is no license necessary to read them. You can read these titles on any device that supports the basic ePub or PDF formats. To download you will need to right-click and save the title (instead of choosing "open" to open it in ADE or other software).

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Downloading Audiobooks: OverDrive

How It Works:
  • Multiple "copies" of popular titles to lower wait time
  • Titles loan for 14 days
  • 3 titles checked out at one time

Getting Started with OverDrive Audiobooks

Compatible Devices: What You Can Use to Listen to Audiobooks
  • PC or Mac computer or laptop - using built-in media player
  • PC or Mac computer or laptop - using OneClickdigital Media Manager
  • Portable Mp3 player or iPod
  • Android devices
  • Apple devices
  • Windows Phone
  • Kindle Fire, HD

Full List from OverDrive

Using OverDrive:
  • You can browse without logging in.
  • Search Tip: When looking at the results of a search, try using the link for "Available Now."
  • Log in using the menus to choose "Stratham - Wiggin Memorial Library" and then enter your 14-digit library card number. Once logged in you will see the availability of Stratham-Only titles.
  • Audiobooks can't be returned early; they loan for 7 or 14 days.
  • Tips: The NH Downloadable Books Blog - The newest titles added for the whole consortium are listed here.
Necessary Software for OverDrive:
Software "unlocks" the license for your use.

Load OverDrive Media Console onto the computer you will use to listen to titles or to transfer titles to a device

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Help / Troubleshooting:

About Digital Materials & Libraries - Or, Why It Is Easier (But Expensive!) to Buy Direct

Borrowing digital books or audiobooks is all about licensing (digital rights management). The providing companies (like OverDrive) purchase licensing rights from publishers. The company then sells a subscription to a collection to a library (or group of libraries). Each digital title is protected with a license. When you "check out" an item and download it, software (like Adobe Digital Editions or OverDrive Media Console) authorizes the license for your use for a set period of time. Once the loan period has ended, the software disables the license so that you can no longer access the title without re-checking out the title. The software can only disable the license, not remove the actual file so you have to delete the file/title/book cover icon from your computer.

NH Downloadable Books Blog

This blog includes trouble-shooting tips, how-to instructions, and information about different types of e-readers or other devices. Instructions and trouble-shooting guides include screen shots. You can subscribe to the blog via email to get updates as they are posted.

OverDrive How-To Videos

OverDrive now has some how-to videos that show you the steps for downloading books and audiobooks for various devices. This can be a great tool when you are just getting started.

Drop-In Tech Help

You are encouraged to bring your electronic devices or laptop to the library so that we can help you get your own equipment set up to work for you. You can also schedule tech help with Lesley by calling the library (603-772-4346) or sending her an email.

TechBoomers: How-To Courses

Free online tutorials, videos, and courses.

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The Wiggin Memorial Library guarantees the confidentiality of your library account per RSA 201-D:11 as it applies to our automated library system and services we provide. However, you are not guaranteed privacy through downloadable services such as Overdrive, Amazon, Hoopla, or Barnes and Noble.

Please be aware that your information may not be held confidential through these services.

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